Max testing out a scratching post

We do our very best to make your cat feel at home if he or she needs to stay with us for a while.  Every cat is exercised daily in a safe and controlled environment.  Your cat’s attitude and appetite will be monitored twice a day while they are with us and any concerns are brought to the attention of one of our doctors.  Special food requirements or preferences will be noted and served. While you are away we are happy to provide veterinary services including a physical exam, vaccinations, grooming, dentistry, or routine surgery.  Our trained staff can administer oral medication, insulin, or give subcutaneous fluids while your cat is with us if it is indicated.

Boarders must be current on vaccines (unless there is a medical reason they cannot be vaccinated) and they must have had an exam with one of our doctors within the past year. If they are not up-to-date on their vaccines or haven’t been seen by one of our veterinarians in the last year, we can have them seen during their stay.

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