Lois Lane

LoLo showing off her fancypants

Lois Lane (AKA LoLo) was rescued by a client of ours. She had trauma resulting in loss of the use of her tail and incontinence. After a tail amputation and weeks of care, it became apparent LoLo would always need to wear diapers and would need help expressing her bladder. Luckily for LoLo, Miriam advocated for her and she won a spot on our feline team! Lois loves bossing the other cats (and people) around and has a nearly obsessive love of the laser pointer. This feisty little girl loves showing off her handmade (thanks, Kris) panties!


Violet’s eyes speak volumes

Violet is the most amazing little cat! She came to us as a stray in June of 2013 after being attacked by a dog. Despite our best efforts, Violet had lost the use of her hind limbs and therefore, her ability to walk. No one on our staff could handle the thought of ending the life of this sweet, happy little girl, so we decided to give her a chance to learn how to get around using a cart. Violet is a pro at zooming now, and spends her days in the back of the hospital with the technicians and patients. She very occasionally pops up front to say hello, but is incredibly shy around strangers and doesn’t make public appearances.



Sparky is our little mischief maker!


Sparky (AKA Mr. Sparkles) is our precocious team member who resides in our upstairs offices. He came to us in 2009 as a boarder but was abandoned here. We fell in love with him and his adorable personality so he became a resident. We quickly found out that he does not like other cats so he went to live with one of our Technicians family members. He was quite mischievous and displayed some aggression issues so he came back to live with us. Now he, very happily, is enjoying life behind the scenes in our management offices bossing around  our management team.