Front Desk and Administrative Staff

Front Desk Staff

When you enter the hospital you will be greeted with a smile by our very friendly Client Care Providers. These are the members of our team that will take care of setting up your appointments and reminding you when to visit. These wonderful people up front are part of the heart and soul of our organization.

Ni’Coria Seay                                                              

Ni’Coria has been a veterinary receptionist since 2012. She started in this field at the ASPCA Animal Hospital in New York City, developing her customer service skills and animal medical knowledge. She moved to Philadelphia last year to be closer to family, and in her search for another compassionate animal hospital, she found The Cat Doctor. The customer service focus at The Cat Doctor is about treating clients and their pets like family, while providing the best medical care, so she knew she was in the right place. She cares deeply about pets and their owners, going above and beyond to assist in their treatment. In Ni’Coria’s spare time she loves cooking, reading, crocheting, and lives with her 3 year old boxer, Mr Wiggles.

Christine Nielsen                                                       

After moving to Philadelphia from Central NJ, Christine found the Cat Doctor in 2015 and knew instantly at her first interview that she was in the right place. She was previously working the front desk in an acupuncture/chiropractic clinic, but knew that helping kitties would be just as rewarding as helping humans. Luckily for her, the front desk gives her the opportunity to take care of our human companions as well as their feline counterparts. Christine is very interested in all the aspects of feline medicine and has even learned to take care of our incontinent house cat Lois. She currently lives in the Fairmount neighborhood with her kitty Romeo and visits her dog Marley often at her mom’s house in NJ.

Administrative Staff

The purpose of our Administrative Staff is to provide a variety of analytical, evaluative, advisory, coordinating, supervisory, and technical functions in support of the The Cat Doctor and it’s mission.

Monique Manns – Practice Manager     

Monique Manns is our Practice Manager. She is a graduate of Harcum College’s Animal Center Management program. She has had a passion for animal care since she was a young child, when she and her sister would find and nurse back to health every injured dog, cat, bird, and even squirrel they encountered. Monique is a former technician who has now found her calling here at The Cat Doctor. She enjoys spending time with her human family and her crazy cats Corin, Noodle and Doyle.

Our Veterinary Practice Manager is responsible for making sure that The Cat Doctor runs efficiently. As a Veterinary Practice Manager, Monique is responsible for taking care of the administrative duties so our veterinarians and other staff members can concentrate on providing the best services to the patients in their care. Good Practice Managers are worth their weight in gold and Monique is certainly worth way more than that.

Cherie Abline –  Client Communication Specialist/Media Administrator                                                                

Cherie is the Client Communication Specialists/Media Administrator who has worked in the veterinary field for over a decade, and has been with The Cat Doctor family since October of 2016. She feels that working in client services has not only become her passion, but is also her calling.

Cherie hails from northern New Jersey and is now living in the community of Fishtown, and she just loves it there. Originally a preschool teacher for 12 years, Cherie’s first exposure to the small animal world was when she volunteered at an animal shelter. Always an animal lover, something just clicked in her through this experience that inspired her new career path. She retired from teaching and took a chance. This chance paid off, Cherie has happily worked as a Veterinary Technician in general practice, emergency/ICU, and specialty; including Neurology, Ophthalmology, and Dermatology.

She now works mostly behind the scenes at The Cat Doctor, communicating with and educating clients deepening their understanding of their cat’s health, promoting a cooperative relationship between the veterinarians and clients, ensuring client satisfaction, writing informative and educational content for the website, helping the staff with the daily operations of the practice, and over-seeing all our social media. Media administration is yet another aspect of her position that she does with great zeal as photography is one of her personal interests. Cherie feels strongly that animals are sensitive, intuitive creatures whom she has been blessed to have loved, lived with, and lost. Her life would have less meaning without her furry family. Cherie lives with her husband of 11 years along with her eight rescue kitties who are either seniors or have special needs; Zona, Miss Kitty, Phineas, Randi, Daphne, Pooji, Sushi, and Herbie. In her personal time, she enjoys meditating, cinema, music, yoga, cooking, and hiking.